space to take shape, and she reached out to Elissa through their mutual friend. Elissa was immediately onboard. After passionately discussing all they had in common (and didn’t), what they wanted to do for divorced people, and what they would name this thing (a few dozen back and forth texts a day), the Feel Free Community was born. Rhianna and Elissa remain passionately focused on fostering this community, of removing the stigma around divorce and helping people realize their own dreams.

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Flashback to April 2020. The world was undeniably and irrevocably changed. Life had come to a grinding standstill, and two women who only vaguely knew of each other were finally quiet enough to separately consider their dreams. Turns out their dreams were a lot alike: They both dreamed of using their skills, experience and wisdom for the greater good. Of creating something unique, powerful, and new. Of helping people heal.


Rhianna’s long developing desire to help divorced people to heal finally had time and 


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Elissa Lansdell began her career as a television host, writer and producer, traveling the globe and connecting with people from every walk of life on several North American networks. Since then, Elissa has turned her attention to helping people communicate their best authentic selves, first as a corporate communications consultant, then as founder of her own firm. Elissa created Rockstar Communications in 2020 with the goal of helping people everywhere, at every stage of life and career development, ditch self doubt and embrace their inner Rockstar. From young, single mothers looking to gain financial independence, to CEOs looking to shape their identity and build relationships, Elissa has channeled her passion for human connection to help them find their own powerful voice.


Elissa has brought her communication expertise to such shows as Steven and Chris and The Goods, uniting her love of broadcasting with her passion for meaningful communication.


Elissa is happily divorced and lives with her teenage daughter and rescue pets in Oakville, Ontario.

Rhianna thrives on the joy of connecting people, which was the motivating force behind her experiential marketing company, Rhianna Weaver Inc.


Through her involvement in a national docuseries and her extensive travel and relocation, Rhianna developed her brand, presence, and resilience, long with a vast network of connections with athletes, celebrities and spiritual healers.


Rhianna has gone through many spiritual and emotional shifts over the past three years, shedding past relationship trauma and creating a new reality and story for herself and her two children. Rhianna has worked with many spiritual healers, naturopaths, and psychologists, and through the process found her own internal healing magic. Divorce being such a painful and emotional process, she always knew she wanted to help others going through divorce by creating a village and a safe space to heal for others, so that they can easily shed the stigma of divorce and feel supported through their healing. Rhianna has found joy in sharing her increasing wisdom and experience with whomever feels drawn to this community. Rhianna created Feel Free because of her genuine love for you.

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